Welcome to the web page of the ThRaSH'2011 workshop!

The 5th workshop on Theory of Randomized Search Heuristics will take place on July 8-9, 2011 in Copenhagen.

Scope of the ThRaSH Workshop Series

Randomized search heuristics such as simulated annealing, evolutionary algorithms, stochastic neural networks for optimization, ant colony and swarm optimization, and the cross-entropy method are frequently used across many scientific communities. They have been successfully applied in various domains, both for combinatorial and numerical optimization. Despite their success in practice, proving that such algorithms satisfy certain performance guarantees is still a difficult and widely open problem.

Aim of the ThRaSH Workshop Series

The mission of the ThRaSH workshop series is to contribute to the theoretical understanding of randomized search heuristics. The aim is to stimulate interactions within the research field and between people from different disciplines working on randomized algorithms. The primary focus is on discussing recent ideas and detecting challenging topics for future work, rather than on the presentation of final results.



The travel advice has been extended.


Registered participants are invited to a free workshop dinner on Friday 8th.


The workshop programme is now available.


The list of accepted abstracts has been announced.


The abstract of Mikkel Thorup's keynote talk is available.


We have negotiated special rates at two hotels for the workshop attendees.


The venue of the workshop has been announced.


The Workshop Theory of Randomized Search Heuristics has been approved as a PhD course by the Copenhagen University eScience Research School. Funding by the eScience Research School is gratefully acknowledged.


The Workshop Theory of Randomized Search Heuristics has been approved by the Technical University of Denmark as a PhD course. Students may be accredited with 2 ECTS units for participation and a written essay.


We are happy to announce that the keynote talk will be given by Mikkel Thorup, and the tutorials will be given by Jens Jägersküpper and Dirk Sudholt.


The Danish Center for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, DCAMM is sponsoring the workshop.


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