21st Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory, NWPT '09
Lyngby, Denmark, 14-16 October 2009
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Franz Wotawa

The current State of Automated Debugging

Research on algorithmic and automated debugging of source code has had a long history in computer science. Although several methods have been proposed almost no such technique is currently available for programmers to be used daily during their work. In my talk I discuss the current state of debugging research and open challenges, which prevent automated debugging to be used in practice on a daily bases. Regarding debugging I focus on four techniques. One is using program dependence information gained from the source code. Another one is based on program executions for failing an passing test cases. One represents program statements as relations between variables. The last one uses program mutations to find the cause of a detected misbehavior. All of these techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. I conclude my talk with discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the introduced debugging techniques and give an outlook on future research of debugging.
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