About the network

The spectral image analysis group 

The spectral image analysis group is a network for researchers at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The network is for researchers who do research in the field of spectral image analysis. It is a cross-disciplinary network which focuses on knowledge sharing across Sections and Departments at DTU. Currently, the network holds approximately 6 meetings per year.

Our research

We are doing research within multi- and hyper-spectral image analysis both with focus on methodical developments as well as applications. Our applications stretch from food and feed quality in the industries, microbiology, medical applications, and technological industrial applications in for example the concrete industry.


If you wish to contact us to join the network or if you have questions for us then please use the mailform in the top menu.
Meeting 6th of October 2011:
  • Working on toolbox
  • Discussing future plans for the network

Please use the mailform in the top menu.

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