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Numerical Methods for Medical Image Registration

A generic task in modern image processing is image registration, needed for integration and/or comparison of data obtained from different images. Particularly in a medical environment, there is a huge demand for comparing pre- and post-intervention images, integrating modalities like anatomy (obtained, e.g., from computer tomography) and functionality (obtained, e.g., from positron emission tomography), motion correction and/or reconstruction of two-dimensional projections from a three-dimensional volume (applies to all tomography techniques and histology). The problem is easily stated: given two images (a reference and a template image), find a transformation, such that the transformed image is similar to the reference image.

Dates: December 11th - 15th 2006


Informatics and Mathematical Modelling,Technical University of Denmark, Bldg 321, room 053

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Jan Modersitzki and Hanno Schumacher

Institut für Mathematik, Universität zu Lübeck


Modersitzki, Jan, Numerical Methods for Image Registration. Oxford University Press, 2004

Course Format

The course is made up of three elements:

  • The main part is lectures and hands-on exercises given and supervised mainly by the invited lecturers. A reading list will be made for preparation prior to the course

  • The second part is small talks by the PhD students giving general training in presentations. The majority of the talks is expected to be related for the general topic.

  • The third part is for the PhD students to reflect, relate and use the connection between the course content and their PhD project. This work muct be reported in a small paper which has to be submitted and tehn approved by the scientific host.


Minimum of 4 ECTS -  maximum of 6 ECTS (2 ECTS for participation, 2 ECTS for preparation and presentation of poster, 2 ECTS for post course assignment)


lectures: Monday Friday  10-12
exercises: Tuesday- Thursday 13:30-15:00
student poster/talks: Monday 13.30 -16
consultation hours: Tuesday - Thursday 15-16

Course description

Detailed plan to be announced


The course is free of charge for everyone inside Academia. Others must pay DKK 1000 per ECTS. The course is primarily for PhD students.


Apply using the link in the right column of this page.

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